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All pupils must ensure they are fit to  legally drive and not be under the influence of anything such as drugs, alcohol or medication that may make them unfit to drive. 

All pupils must have a valid provisional or international license to enable them to drive and take tuition.

All pupils must give at least 48 hours notice to cancel or change a lesson, last minute cancelations or changes could result in the full lesson fee being applied.

All pupils should switch off or turn mobile phones onto silent during a driving lesson.

All pupils should arrange alternative collection and drop off points in advance.

All pupils must pay at the start of a driving lesson or in advance because credit cannot be given.

All pupils are welcome to pay for a block of lessons in advance but please note that refunds are NOT available on any block bookings.

All pupils should note that if it is deemed that their driving is becoming dangerous and putting safety at risk the instructor reverses the right to terminate the driving lesson.

All pupils should note that the instructor reverse the right to withhold use of the tuition car for test purposes if the instructor believes that they (the pupil) are not at test standard.  The instructor is not responsible for ensuring the car is available for a test that has not been arranged with the instructors consent.

All pupils should note that from time to time the instructor may need to change, postpone or cancel a lesson at short notice in the event of vehicle breakdown, illness or to accommodate other pupils driving tests, but notice will always be given where possible.

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