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You can learn to drive in this car

You can learn to drive with Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School in the Basingstoke area and pass your automatic driving test.  All driving lessons are taken in an automatic  Hyundai i20 SE that is easy to drive and manoeuvre making learning to drive easier.  Learning to drive in an automatic car should normally take less time than it would if you were learning to drive in a manual car.


This Hyundai i20 boasts an amazing range of features that make in incredibly easy to drive.  It has a dual brake, reversing sensors and extra reversing mirrors to aid your learning experience, as well as many other features. 

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Dual Controlled

Power Steering

Air Conditioned

Fully Automatic

Air Bags

Easy to Drive

Why Automatic?

The automatic car is easier to drive than a manual car as it does not have a clutch and there is no gear changing to learn.  This also means that the car does not stall or roll backwards.  Therefore dealing with junctions, roundabout and even hill starts is much simpler.  Some people do automatic lessons as they have already tried manual ones and found it to difficult, they then go to to successfully pass their driving test.  Some people just go straight for automatic as they want to save time and money and do not want to have as many lessons as their friends etc.

There are many reasons people choose automatic cars and these days there are many people choosing the automatic option.

If you are interested in automatic driving lessons or classes, then people feel free to give us a call or text on 07854 245494.

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