The Tuition Car

You can learn to drive in this car

You can learn to drive with Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School in the Basingstoke area and pass your automatic driving test.  All driving lessons are taken in an automatic  Hyundai i20 SE that is easy to drive and manoeuvre making learning to drive easier.  Learning to drive in an automatic car should normally take less time than it would if you were learning to drive in a manual car.


This Hyundai i20 boasts an amazing range of features that make in incredibly easy to drive.  It has a dual brake, reversing sensors and extra reversing mirrors to aid your learning experience, as well as many other features. 

Hyundai  i20 SE (Automatic)

Dual Controlled

Power Steering

Air Conditioned

Fully Automatic

All Round Airbags

Reversing Sensors

Driving lessons

Find out more about automatic driving lessons and other automatic driving courses available in Basingstoke.

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You can get in touch by phoning or texting 07854 245494 or send a message from the contact page.

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