motorway sign

Joining & Leaving the Motorway

Speed Awareness

Effective Observations

Signs, Signals & Markings

Lane Discipline

Safe overtaking

Using Care, Courtesy & Consideration

Fatigue and How to Deal With It

What To Do If You Break Down

Dealing With Link Roads & Slip Roads

Once you have passed your driving test you will be able to build on the skills you have already learned by taking some motorway driving lessons.  Motorway driving lessons are aimed at giving new drivers the confidence and skills that they need to drive on the motorway network, safely and confidently.  Your motorway lessons would teach you to drive on faster moving roads that you will not have been able to drive on during your learner lessons but roads that you will need to use when travelling around in the UK if you are going to travel any major distance.

The volume and speed of traffic on the motorway can be very daunting for new and novice drivers, some people even find motorway driving terrifying but with a few hours professional driving tuition you will be able to build your confidence and particularly in an automatic car will soon get used to the different driving conditions.  Therefor it is recommended that new drivers have at least a few hours motorway tuition.

Motorway lessons cost £80 for a two hour lesson.

For more information on automatic driving lessons, automatic motorway lessons, automatic Pass Plus or automatic Refresher courses please contact me or call: 07854 245 494 or 0800 316 9490