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Automatic Driving School
Driving lessons and tuition for everyone

Automatic driving lessons can be taken anywhere in the Basingstoke area.  Taking automatic driving lessons is much easier than manual ones as there is no clutch or gear changing to learn.   All lessons are on a one to one basis and lessons are tailored to your own individual learning requirements. Lessons  can be taken Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm.  Flexible collection and drop of points mean you can take lessons from home, college, work, town etc.

You can learn to drive with Paul Loader who is a friendly, patient, experienced and professional automatic driving instructor with many years experience, he also specialises in teaching automatic driving lessons and has a very good pass rate.  The price for an hour is £35 and there are discounts for longer lessons. There is a complete range of automatic driving tuition starting with lessons for learner drivers, refresher courses and motorway lessons.

You can call or text 07854 245 494 or go to the contact page for more information.

Automatic Driving Lessons
from the beginning to the test

Automatic driving lessons can be taken by anyone, whether an absolute beginner or by someone who has had lessons in a manual car and not enjoyed it or struggled to learn.  All automatic driving lessons are tailored to your own learning requirements and your own rate of learning.  Nervous learners are especially welcomed.  All of the Basingstoke area is covered and flexible collection and drop off points can be arranged to enable you to fit your driving lessons into your own schedule; home, work, college, town centre, railway station etc. Pupils will normally take at least a one hour lesson every week, but lessons can also be taken in 1hr, 1.5hrs or 2hr slots. Prices start from £35 for an hour, but please see the prices and discounts page for details of the discounts that are available. 

Another reason students choose to take automatic driving lessons rather than manual driving lessons is because an automatic car is easier to drive, there is no clutch control, gear changes to learn and automatic cars do not stall or roll backwards at junctions.  So taking automatic driving lessons and classes is not only easier, but should mean you can save time and money as you should need less driving lessons in an automatic compared to a manual car.

Paying for your lessons

You can choose to pay for each driving lesson on a ‘pay as you go’ basis or pay for a block of 10 lessons in advance and save money.  All automatic driving lessons and courses follow the DVSA learner syllabus to ensure you get value for money and learn to drive in a safe way using the latest driving techniques. Payments for automatic driving lessons can be made in cash, bank transfer or by credit / debit card. There are full details of prices and discounts on the prices and discounts page.

Other driving courses and classes

As well as automatic driving lessons for beginners Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School also offers Pass Plus Courses, Motorway Tuition, Refresher Lessons for those who have already passed the driving test and wish to improve their driving skills.  These courses can be taken anywhere in the Basingstoke area can cost £40 an hour. 

Recommended instructor

Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School in Basingstoke comes highly recommended from previous pupils and has many positive 5 star reviews.  You can read these reviews on www.google.co.uk and on our own testimonials page. Paul Loader has been a driving instructor since 2004 and is a DVSA ‘Grade A’ instructor.  Who is calm, patient, experienced, friendly, fun and professional.  He teaches using the latest teaching techniques that a designed to maximise a pupils learning experience and develop their skills from start to finish. 

Driving lessons

Learn to drive and pass your driving test. All automatic driving lessons are tailored to your own learning needs and are with a ‘Grade A’ DVSA approved driving instructor.

The Cost

The cost of learning to drive starts at £35 an hour, for learner lessons and there are discounts available for block bookings and multiple hours.

Refresher Lessons

Refresher lessons are a great way for someone who has already passed the driving test to improve their basic driving skills by taking extra tuition.

Motorway Lessons

Motorway lessons can only be take by someone who has already pass the driving test. it is a great ‘next step’ to gain the skills needed to drive on a motorway. The cost is £40 an hour.

Paul is a really good teacher who helped me to pass both my theory and practical tests. During every lesson he made sure I had a good understanding of everything I was being taught, and was happy to spend as much time as I needed on each manoeuvre. He was also able to answer all
Bella Vallis