Grade A Instructor
Grade A Instructor



Automatic driving lessons and classes in Basingstoke, with Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School.You can learn to drive with Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School in Basingstoke and pass your driving test. Automatic driving lessons, classes and tuition can be taken anywhere in the Basingstoke area. Collection and drop off points as well as the times for your automatic driving lessons can be flexible to fit in with your spare time.

Prices start from £30 with additional discounts when you pay for a block booking, view more prices and discounts.

All automatic driving lessons are offered in a modern, dual controlled and stylish Toyota Yaris Hybrid Automatic car, that all the driving school pupils love and find really easy to drive.

The Automatic Driving School is owned and run by myself, my name is Paul Loader and I have been a DVSA approved driving instructor since 2005 and have specialised in offering only automatic driving lessons since 2010 but have been a driving instructor since 2005. You will be able to learn to drive with me in confidence as I am a GRADE A driving instructor, that is the highest grade awarded to driving instructors by the DVSA.

Contact: 07854 245494

What is Hybrid Technology

Hybrid cars are the best of both worlds, they use a combination of onboard fuels to generate propulsion. Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular in the UK as they are incredibly fuel efficient and are designed to maximise fuel economy while not effecting drive performance.

Greener Driving

The less the combustion motor and petrol are being used, the fewer emissions are pumped into the atmosphere. Car emissions cause air pollution and the less contribution made through road vehicles, the safer and healthier our environment will become.

Run Silent

Cars have loud and noisy engines that generate noise pollution to surrounding areas, especially in areas near busy roads. Hybrid cars generate very little to no noise when they drive. When driving a hybrid car in traffic, the petrol engine will likely shut off and rely on electric power, allowing you to travel in silence.

High Performance

Hybrid cars are particularly attractive to motorists because they can drive with a clean conscience knowing they are minimising their carbon footprint. This is done without the need to sacrifice car performance, hybrid cars can match and even surpass performance levels of their petrol counterparts while using a fraction of the fuel.



Black CarAutomatic driving lessons and classes are available for learners of all abilities.  If you have never been in a car before, nervous of driving or maybe had some lessons in a manual car and not enjoyed them, you will find learning to drive in an automatic car straight forward and much easier than you expected.  Taking automatic driving lessons could be the perfect way to get your driving license.


White Steering WheelIf you have tried lessons before in a manual or have never driven before and are terrified of getting behind the wheel, then automatic driving lessons are perfect for you. There is no need to be put off when learning to drive in an automatic car as they are so much easier to drive. Automatic driving lessons will put you at ease as will my relaxed style of teaching and coaching learner drivers.


Black CarAutomatic driving lessons are so much easier than manual lessons.  There is no gear changing, or no clutch control to learn, the car does not roll backwards which makes hill starts easier and the car does not stall. This should mean you need less automatic driving lessons to pass your driving test.


White Steering WheelIf you have already passed your driving test and would like to take some extra tuition in improve your skills or confidence, then refresher lessons, are an excellent idea. Some people also take a few hours tuition when buying an automatic car if they have never driven an automatic car before. Pass Plus and Motorway tuition can also be taken after a pupil has passed the driving test.


Black CarAutomatic driving lessons could well be your perfect option. Learning to driving in an automatic car is a much easier way to get a driving license. People who take automatic driving lessons and automatic driving test will not be allowed to drive a manual car without taking another driving test. The automatic option is growing in popularity as it’s so much easier.


Paul is a great instructor. Very understanding and he does his best to keep you at ease, he helped me pass my test 1st time.


Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School in Basingstoke was established by myself in 2010. I decided that there was a large demand for automatic driving lessons in the Basingstoke area and very few driving instructors were offering automatic lessons and tuition at the time. Since starting the driving school it has always been busy and has grown in success and reputation. There is now a larger demand than ever for automatic driving lessons and tuition as it grows in popularity.

As a driving instructor I have an above average successful pass rate and my pupils loved the relaxed but professional style of teaching that I offer. To me, keeping my pupils relaxed and calm while they are learning to drive is an important part of my job. To any pupil being about to feel relaxed and at ease with their instructor is very important.  Offering excellent value for money with competitive prices, automatic lessons and classes from only £30 an hour (additional discounts for block bookings).

You can learn to drive with me anywhere in the Basingstoke area, you can also be assured of excellent automatic driving tuition with me as I am a GRADE A driving instructor, which is the top grade awarded to driving instructors by the DVSA.

Contact: 07854 245494


The price of learning to drive, automatic driving lessons and how much it’s going to cost to get through a driving test is one of the main questions I am asked as a driving instructor. When you are learning to drive the cheapest option is not always the best one, but I believe the price for my automatic driving lessons and tuition courses is competitive and great value for money. There are also additional block booking discounts if you choose to pay in advance for your lessons or you can choose to ‘pay as you go’ and pay for each lessons as you learn. Pay as you go lessons are £30 an hour. 

A small additional fee maybe charged for more remote areas of Basingstoke.

You can pay for your automatic driving lessons and classes in cash or by debit / credit card. Please note that once a lesson is book, 48 hours notice is required to cancel or change the lesson else you may still be charged for the lesson.